About Us

Barbara Bianco was born out of lockdown; the name was inspired by the women from Liv and Mollie’s family. Women being their biggest inspiration, BB love to look at the female experience through generations, including Mollie & Liv's own encounters through the 90s and 00s. The duo share a love for vintage pieces and wanted to recreate the magic within their work. Pioneers for slow fashion, sustainable manufacturing and fabric sourcing are at the heart of the brand, using deadstock fabrics wherever possible and handmade with love by a small team in the UK.

As all pieces are handmade to order, pieces usually take 1-2 weeks to be sent as each item is unique and handmade with care. As we don’t hold stock we reduce fabric waste and we source our fabrics in small quantities in the UK. Our process means that we have as little wasted resources as possible.